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anyone notice how all of got7 have names that start with j

jackson, jr, jb, jark, joungjae, jugyeom, jamjam weird man

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i rly miss marktye ;;


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It’s been 6 months since i made this blog, and i wanted to thank everyone here who helped build this blog, also those who thought my blog was good enough to be in their follow’s forever, it really means a lot to me.
I also want to say that being in this fandom is really great, i only see good and nice people on my dash, you guys always make me laugh, and we understand each other, now that we got this seven idiots ruining our lives hahaha! So here goes my ff:  

special thanks to this people:

dandyjinyoung l markyien l spockjinyoung l yugyeoh l ivegot7 l marktuanz l got7daily l goat-7 l  jercksonwang l ahyoungie l ughjacksonwang l jackseons l marktye l tuansandwich l

you guys inspired me to make this follow forever, because i was so happy seeing my blog in yours, you all have amazing blog, all senpais *-* 

more senpais:

 l  l  l kunpi-moook l marktuaned jackseonwang l lelemj l  l fuckyeah-gotseven l oneday-everlastingbhuwakulz l g-ot7 l jinmark l marktuat l jackson-7 l 960917 l

sorry for not putting more blogs, even tho every blog i follow is amazing, all 121 ♥ 
you should follow these people they are nice and have amazing blogs :3

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markson missing each other over social networks // insp

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